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    The average budget acoustic in the $100-$250 range comes with cheap tuners and fittings. They'll do the job, but they tend to lack precision, and don't usually stay in tune very long. Above $250, you'll find precision tuners that stay tuned through weeks of playing.

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    The acoustic guitar amp we're selecting as the best high-wattage amp also happens to be one of the best overall acoustic amps out there, regardless of size. The 120-watt Fishman Loudbox Artist is an amplifier that hits all the marks - it's loud, crystal clear, multi-channel, portable, versatile, and boasts an impressive effects section.

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  • Best Budget Acoustic Guitar: With a 4,000 year old history, the guitar has come a long way from the ancestral bowl harp. With an established history and wide variability, today's saturated instrument market makes it difficult to find an affordable guitar which produces a magnificent tone.

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