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    Jul 21, 2011 · Best Answer: If the neck is twisted its probably not from the strings they are meant to be loosened and tightened. If he let it lean against something or ...

  • Dear luthiers and guitar lovers out there... I was wondering how can possibly tell if my guitar neck is twisted? is there any checks procedures to rule...

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    HI all. i have recently discovered that my guitar may have a twisted neck. it is a takamine acoustic and i love it dearly so any help would be appreciated. Whe…

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    If your guitar is diagnosed as having a twisted neck, this is a serious problem you must address immediately to prevent permanent damage to the instrument.

  • How do you tell if your neck is twisted ... Is it possible the neck has twisted ... I have never seen a guitar with equally relieved sides of a neck.

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    Welcome to Little Guitar Works. ... neck. Made from a solid ... I do believe comfortable necks would be catalogued as pre or post Little's twisted necks, from now on."

  • For an electric I would buy a new neck. You can get one for about $30-$50. Or buy a broken guitar and salvage a neck if you want an Aria neck.

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    A twisted neck in a single truss rod guitar normally goes the opposite way to the clockwise truss rod adjustment. It will twist anti clockwise in majority of cases

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    Twisted Wood Guitars is a Canadian company specializing in finely crafted ukuleles and weissenborn style guitars. Shipping available world-wide. Call Today

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    Other than going to a classical guitar, neck/nut widths are fairly limited to 2 sizes for electric guitars, ... It depends on how much the neck in the OP is twisted.

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    Twisted Wood Guitars, Edmonton, AB. 11,879 likes · 26 talking about this. Finely crafted ukuleles and weissenborn style guitars.

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    Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele Pickups ... (neck and bridge) ... Danny D's Guitar Hacienda is, ...

  • I've got a reasonable no name tele neck here for a lefty tele project I'm knocking up for a mates kid.... trouble is the neck has a bit of a twist...

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    One of the major (often found) problems on vintage guitars are deformed necks. These can be bowed, having a bump on the fretboard at the neck joint area, a twisted ...

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  • A warped or slightly twisted neck will make it difficult to optimize the set-up ofa guitar. Exactly how do you identify a very slight twist in a guitar neck?

  • Hi all, quick question for you today. Does my neck look twisted to anyone else?? I can never tell!! Thanks! [ATTACH]

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    Hello, I bought this barely played 2 year old guitar: the VGS Stage One Pro with Evertune. Now the Evertune needs some getting used to, but that's...

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    Questionable old ways to straighten a neck with ... heat just the the end of a fingerboard where it lay on the top of the guitar, as part of preparing for a neck reset.