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  • If Guitare Rig is on a insert way, we must use the dry/wet control of every single rack effect, it would be nice, if there would be an overall Dry/Wet...

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    DIMENSIONS (Dry Pedalboard) 30.5" x 15.5" DIMENSIONS (Wet Pedalboard) 22" x 11" WEIGHT (Dry Pedalboard) 22.19 lbs. WEIGHT (Wet Pedalboard) 9.25 lbs. CABLE

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    i'm planning on upgrading to a rack amp set-up, i've got everything that goes into the set-up, just the whole connecting everything confuses me. ho...

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    wet-dry-wet rig Amplifiers ... Yeah, the G-Major kicks ass (that's not my rig). I used to have a rack rig with one, but it got to be too much for me to lug around.

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  • I think I've worked the bugs out of my wet/dry setup, but would like some tips for using it from those who are already doing so. Obviously one amp...

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    THE CAE WET/DRY SYSTEM (Video) I pioneered the wet/dry system configuration for modern guitar systems back in the 80's. This configuration consisted of a "dry" (or ...

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